I found you by accident,
I didn’t follow no trace
I wasn’t looking

I was free flowing
through each day
each breath
day by day, night by night

When I found you,
my heart stopped
and started again,
a sort of reset

When I found you
my wedding ring finger tattoo
reminded me
of my sobriety from these
heart-and-brain numbing

When I found you
/ or maybe /
when you found me
my heart reminded me:
this is what it should feel like

Molière would call it Amour
Shakespeare might call it profound like

I’m bye-lingual,
don’t know what I could
call it

Considering societal norms,
and thunderfucks

C’est d’ici
que je m’enmerde

So for now,
je t’aime

Tonight, the Sun

Tonight –
even the sunset
its colours, the clouds,
and the wind

try to lead me to you

they all point
towards you

it’s like
they all know
about you
and I

it’s like
they know
how your lips
take me elsewhere
somewhere far from here

after it kept me
company, the reddish
sun went down and hid
after a while



kinda like you


we are of shattered glasses
and broken dreams
wicked lovers and rose coloured

we are a part of your broken dream
shattered and wicked
like your rosé sipping

we are a part of a wicked love
rosé fuelled and maintained
we need our glasses to see

we’re clear about it now
who knows if it’s a broken dream
between our rosé sips and lovers
lovely lips


(June 2021)